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Absolute First Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Absolute First Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson:

If you're a BRAND NEW BABY BEGINNER guitar player, this video is FOR YOU! This guitar lesson vid shows you The very basics of the guitar and will get you ...


  1. Great

  2. Thanks a lot! Now I know a bit of basics!

  3. its never too late to begin.. 12yrs old or 40. doesnt matter, if you wanna do it then do it and if its something you always wanted to try then you may surprise yourself and find it very soothing

  4. I used to play guitar as a child but then I stopped and completely forgot how to play. I've just started watching your video today and I have to say it is the most helpful out of all the other that I have watched so far. Thank you for this.

  5. this is a very nice video! very helpful! I'm gonna get a guitar soon and will start using these tips! Rock on!

  6. im 10

  7. Suddenly, in this first lesson, a whole new door opens!

  8. hi, i like listening to people playing guitar but now i will like to play myself, will you help me

  9. Thanks man

  10. So i watched this last night and was like "oh, that seems easy enough, if i can master that it should be easy from there"

    Well I just tried that exercise and i don't even have the reach, man.. lol This is gonna be harder than i thought lol

  11. Ah ok ok i see. Thank you kind sir, I am a sponge right now

  12. I'm a sperm in my dad's nuts, is it too late to start learning on how to play guitar?

  13. IM 10 ?the younger u practice the better you get?right?… am i right???ok in all seriousness i kinda get it,being a guitarist runs in my family

  14. So what happens if you can't use your pinky finger? because i cant, is all hope lost?

  15. Thanks for my very first guitar lesson! It was really informative for me who has never played nor had any intention of learning to play but was randomly gifted with one by a friend haha
    So thanks again! Hopefully I'll stick with it :)

  16. I learned from eat all day get big easy, EADGBE

  17. What if I have little hands? My pinkie doesn't reach the 4th fret :(

  18. So i am a beginner looking for a good affordable practicing guitar, i want to jam out to Chuck Berry, AC/DC, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin Green Day, occasional southern rock and blues rock. What guitar would best fit these preferences. Thanks and rock on.

  19. No time like the present. Start learning now. 'nuff said. #guitarlessons

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