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Axis Of Awesome 4 Chord Progression Guitar Lesson + Theory L4L5

Axis Of Awesome 4 Chord Progression Guitar Lesson + Theory L4L5:

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Guitar Lesson Description:

Axis Of Awesome 4 Chords to spice up your guitar playing

The Axis Of Awesome Chords Progression And Theory

The Axis of awesome (4 chords) as it has come to be known is one of the most popular chord progressions of modern pop music and has been used countless times in literally thousands of sons. After covering all the basic open position chords it’s time to start looking at chord progressions, These are sequences of chords used one after another and there are particular ones that work really well. The Axis Of Awesome consists of 4 chords which we will work through in this lesson. This is the easy part, we learn it in the key of G. After we have covered the basics shapes of playing its time to learn the theory behind the chord progression, this will allow you to play chords that are in the Axis of Awesome but in different keys, it’s a technique called transposition and is a great skill to have. You may find that the chord progression for the axis of awesome is a little too low for you to sing over, transposition is a way we can shift the chords up or down, because the relationship between the chords doesn’t change it still sounds the same. It’s still the axis of awesome but in a new key instead! You may also need to do it if you would like to incorporate the Axis of awesome into your own song for a bridge section, a very common pop music writing technique.

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