Thứ Sáu , Tháng Tám 17 2018
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  1. increvelll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Truly great chaos, if that's what makes the best damn female guitar players then you got it dicked waldo.


  4. the first one was aces high by iron maiden. I feel, we need more people singing in the crowd too.

  5. what song is it that girl is playing at 12:05?

  6. Hmm, fast hands', fast movement…. lol

  7. Arse-crap!

  8. all these women can lay claim to is that they're amazing at playing along to other people's songs…

  9. At 10:21 minute girl absolutely copying movement of Marty Friedman from Megadeth, also guitar Jackson RKelly.

  10. Not fucking one could play tastefully, a loada bollox

  11. Why not say what it really is pussy and tits. If it wasn't for looks I'm sure none would have made your list.

  12. biggest dammed guitarist boobs ever.

  13. All shit, they are only good because they have boobs. If you want to see a talented female guitar player go check out Tina s

  14. Is there anyone to tell me the name of the solo played (and the band) at 2.30-4.30 please ?
    Great video.

  15. This noise triggered my migraine attack. Sorry ladies, you're gorgeous babes but I have to leave.

  16. even womens are awesome! :D

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