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Guitar Chords

Guitar Chords là một video tham chiếu tương tác cho người mới bắt đầu bởi Peter Vogl đó sẽ dạy bạn làm thế nào để chơi 14 hợp âm đàn guitar cơ bản . Đối với một chuyến thăm có thể in biểu đồ hợp âm ...


  1. I cannot transpose the G major chord upwards. I don't like settling for not playing it, but I definitely do not like unwanted buzzing tones and extreme discomfort (especially finger one).
    I guess the BEST option is to adapt the Gm chord to major and just use that…. but I'm paranoid lol. I feel like one day it would make the difference between making a band and not making a band or making a good song and not making a good song (even though I would not judge). What should I do, God?

  2. Hi There, how do you ad the chord chart in the bottom left corner on a youtube video, as you have in this video? Will really appreciate your answer! Thanks

  3. What the hell does that line at the top on your first finger position mean for B major??? I cant seem to do it like him

  4. this is to complex for the human mind

  5. The hard part I've always found is the way you have to bend your fret hand wrist. After a good few minutes my fret hand is aching and it doesn't feel too healthy the way I'm keeping it steady in bent awkward angles. It doesn't help I play left handled with strings upside down ala Dick Dale style.

  6. Useful – hopefully!

  7. very nice video bro

  8. I have injected a solution of lignocaine sub dermally to ease with the pain. now I'm into nonstop practice. and hope I will be make myself on track this time.

  9. 2:38 there's no no.2 -3-

  10. guys just a question… who else has trouble switching from chord to chord really fast -_-

  11. not having a guitar but still watch till the end ?

  12. I can't do this 🙁 piano is way easier for me

  13. hello ,
    how i can do this diagrams chords to use in video to help my students ?

  14. realy hard

  15. I'm all set! Now all I need is a guitar…

  16. I can not play a bar chord

  17. Does it really stop at G? Are there any others existing chords? I'm a noob to music history.

  18. Its Help a lot… thnk u so much…

  19. i am sooo close..
    to give up!!?? cause its so hard:(

  20. i'm desperate to learn how to play guitar fluently. I don't know any things about guitar and it's cords my fingers are nearly bleeding it's paining. I will play it till my fingers bleed. Thanks for this video it's helping me a lot to learn cords again thanks a lot for this video. Have a great day peace world one world family. God bless all bye.

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