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Guitar in the Heart ♥ Romantic Music Mix

Guitar in the Heart ♥ Romantic Music Mix:

Guitar Music (From Heart) With Slideshow of Beautiful Horses/ Music Choice & Mix By Myself.///Next Mix /PROMO ONLY!!!*SONG LIST;1.Eric Hansen-Breaking free 2.Wille and Lobo-Lunada 3.Sting-Saint Agnes 4.Chris Spheris-Carino 5.Jesse Cook-Cascada(7:40) / 6.Chris Spheris-Dia del Sol 7.Behzad Abhabeigi-Rumi˝s Inspiration 8.Chet Atkins-Waltz For Lonely 9.Lara&Reyes-Besos Rosas 10.Ottmar Liebert-The Winding Road La Primavera(18:40) / 11.Behzad Aghabeigi-Somewhere in Spain 12.Armik-Tango Flamenco 13.Stunz_Farah-Ilusion 14.Francis Goya-Hystoria De Un Amor 15.Shris Spheeris-Lanote(28:03) / 16.Eric Hansen-Girl 17.VA/Szucs&Antal Gabor-Creol Sunshine 18.Stunz_Farah-Natural Flow 19.Chet Atkins-Wobegon 20.Behzad Aghabeigi-Nocturnal(41:26) / 21.C. AtkinsVincent 22.Carlos Santana-Europa 23.Govi-Lovers Moon 24.Nova Menco-Journey Intro 25.Pavlo-Leila(52:51) / 26.Chris Spheeris-Seveness 27.Lara&Reyes-Barrios de San Antonio 28.Armik-Isle of The Sun 29.Armik-Sweet Felipe 30.Oscar Lopez-Guitarras from Heaven(1:03:31) / 31.Oscar Lopez-Lucia 32.Stunz_Farah-Dark Fire 33.Eric Hansen-And I Love Her 34.Ottmar Liebert-Albatross 35. Santana-Moonflower(1:14:30) / 36.Ottmar Liebert-Samba Pa Ti 37.Chet Atkins-El Condor Pasa 38.C.Atkins-Ave Maria.
*PROMO ONLY* ! (Only ~ 2 minutes of each song)
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