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Guitar Instruction by Seth: Three Chords and Sweet Home Alabama to Learn Guitar Fast!

Guitar Instruction by Seth: Three Chords and Sweet Home Alabama to Learn Guitar Fast!:

Recently I was telling someone about my course and how on the very first lesson you start learning your first song! While the song “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain” may not be that appealing to all audiences, the cool thing is that you learn 3 chords and with 3 chords you are well on your way to playing hundreds of songs on the guitar!

Here’s a brief rundown of the basics of Sweet Home Alabama and how with three chords you can sing along with the entire song!

Seth The Guitar Guy’s guitar instruction can help you learn guitar fast without any musical background or note reading! Check out the 6 Week Guitar Bootcamp video course for the very best in guitar instruction here:

About the Six Week Guitar Bootcamp Video Course (Easy Guitar Instruction)!
The Six Week Guitar Bootcamp Video Course features one lesson per week…and then four practice sessions with the Guitar Guy for a total of 5 different videos per week. No more confusion on where to start or how to practice…the Guitar Guy makes it easy!

The Guitar Guy has been teaching guitar for 30 years and has been a school teacher for 20. His guitar instruction is simple and easy to follow along with!

*If you are a beginning guitar student and have a desire to learn how to play guitar fast with an easy, step-by-step method that you can watch and follow along with…

*If you feel like you might need a little help along the way and want to be able to ask questions and get direct answers from a real guitar teacher…

*If you want to stay on track easily (just login and follow along every day)…

Then the Guitar Guy’s SIx Week Guitar Bootcamp video course is for you!

About the Guitar Guy
The Guitar Guy, aka Seth Callister, has been in the music industry since he was about 12 years old. When he was younger he wanted to learn how to play the guitar more than anything. His mother agreed to get him a guitar IF he learned how to play hymns on the piano first.

The Guitar Guy complied and his mother soon bought him the cheapest, hardest-to-play piece of junk guitar on the market. This type of guitar would have defeated someone who had less passion than the Guitar Guy.

However, he taught himself how to play and soon had friends begging him to teach them. Thus started his teaching career. He soon noticed that, although there were some pretty good note-reading guitar books on the market, nothing taught an aspiring guitar player how to just pick up the guitar and start playing.

The Guitar Guy decided to write his own. He has been an elementary teacher for 20 years and a guitar teacher for 30…and still counting. Because of his background in teaching both guitar and school, he has become a favorite worldwide for beginning guitar students because his method is easy and affordable.

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