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How To Apply The Modes In About 20 Minutes – Intermediate modal guitar lesson

How To Apply The Modes In About 20 Minutes - Intermediate modal guitar lesson:

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  1. Thanks, really informative lesson! I'd known the modes but couldn't apply them very easily. This has definitely led my in the right direction.

  2. This is an extremely clear video – fantastic lesson! Exactly what I needed at this point in my own dodgy playing journey. It takes a number of disparate-seeming concepts of which an intermediate guitarist should already be aware and just brings them together nicely. Obviously, it's not pitched at complete beginners, but is a great way to get a grasp of modal concepts. Now to sit down with a loop pedal and get this properly in my fingers as well as my head. Thanks!!!

  3. Tons of great guitarists dont even know this theory like George Lynch,EVH,Dave Mustaine…too name a few :)

  4. Yo, Chapman, you nearly went through the whole video without confusing roots with tonics… Good work :p
    But I can teach anyone how to apply any mode in 20 seconds: you learn one scale in one position… then tell the rhythm section to make you sound shit hot by switching the tonic in their chord progressions, making sure they all fit with whatever you're shredding. Because bands only exist to make our solos sound cool, right?

  5. Dude the Chord progressions were nice, don't be a hater of everything that is not your own thing.

  6. Please tell me what Grimoire book to focus on so I can grasp the modes against these chord progressions unless you have an e-book available or can post a link to similar knowledge. I am really grateful to get this condensed lesson. I have lots of the books but without breaking down the chord sequences it is hard to immediately grasp how to be musical and not just shred the scales. There has to be a mystical relationship we hear and recognize as cool. Not to mention the vocal scales used in a song as a melody or harmony, or both?
    Which of these works out best for different styles? Put it all together please.

  7. Rob, I just gotta say: I've been playing for 10 years, and modes never clicked with me. As far as I was concerned it was playing a major scale but resolving to a different note almost arbitrarily, it never clicked when/why one would use it. This lesson has made it click for me in a way nothing else did

  8. Hahaha loved the mini rant about new school star wars, this was a smart lesson. take it easy, thanks!

  9. E Doran is known as the Allman Brothers scale .. or Dickey Betts scale used on just about every ABB song

  10. Thanks mate, really helped my playing.
    Regards from Australia.

  11. THANK YOU!

  12. The time and effort that goes into this is appreciated. To have a different look at this topic, it is hard to beat F. Gambale. Also,Don Mock is completely brilliant. Very nice video!!

  13. Great lesson, thanks.

  14. I'm sorry Rob, I have all the respect in the world for you but I think your last example might confuse some people.
    The last progression is F#m – D – E. While it's technically true that you're playing a mixolydian scale over it (because E mixolydian = F# aeolian a.k.a. minor) the key is actually F# minor and so the correct mode to play is F# aeolian.
    E mixolydian and F# aeolian are the same scale started from a different note, but because of the F# minor key and the chord progression, the characteristic that dominates is F# aeolian.
    Let me simplify it to all the people learning this stuff right now: you can play any of the modal scales built from A major over an F# minor key but they will always sound like and be aeolian because of the F# minor key and the F#m – D – E progression.
    I hope someone found this helpful.

  15. great lesson…cheers

  16. I can shred and solo but as much as i try to learn music theory my brain just decides to give up

  17. Great teaching Rob. Your next job is to map your modal-theory into how music stimulates our chakras. ;)

  18. Bold couch color!

  19. mixolydian, aeolian, phrygian… i just don't get it, it's all greek to me

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