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How To Tune a Guitar

How To Tune a Guitar:

Today I show you how to tune your guitar. This guitar tuning technique works with acoustic & electric guitars. Tuning a guitar is incredibly easy! It doesn't matter if ...


  1. This made me so upset..being a guitar player..WHAT A BLOODY WASTE OF A GUITAR!!!!!!! I NORMALLY LOVE YOU'RE VIDEOS BUT THIS IS SCREWED UP BRO!

  2. such a waste.

  3. ???????????????????

  4. intructions not clear, i forgot where i live

  5. R.I.P How to basic

  6. Total waste of good eggs

  7. i support your lifestyle my friend!


  9. I'm legit crying for this guitar right now IT HURTS TO WATCH?

  10. This is genuinely tragic

  11. I was thinking….. How many eggs does he use a month??

  12. The craziness is making me laugh so hard I'm crying

  13. People who know nothing about guitar are complaining and saying it's expensive. LOL

  14. I feel bad for the people that come here for actual tutorials

  15. I'd love to see how you tune drop D

  16. hi there are you are you are you can get back and then you don't want you have it was the sender immediately notify the first day of the intended recipient you can do not sure you are

  17. people think all your doing is wasting food I gave this a thumbs down its just fucking stupid

  18. why did i eat while watching a how to Basic Video….


  19. FINALLY!! got my guitar tuned.

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