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  1. Simple to understand but essential. I would say personally, I wish I had started out from this instead of learning chord shapes.

  2. This guy is the best on here for advanced musicians wanting to add to their knowledge.

  3. I've got a question about intervals. If I play a 1st then I play a 5th from the previous octave, is it still the same interval? It is a different number of steps away from the 1st than the 5th within its own octave so is it the same relationship? The same "feel"? I know this question is really theoretical and kinda poorly explained but this concept is blowing my mind and I can't wrap my head around it.

  4. Absolutely great lesson, you are an excellent teacher!

  5. That guitar makes me want to hurt somebody… But besides that, good lesson.

  6. What happened to your website??

  7. you are the man fab lesson thanks helped me to JOIN THE DOTS a small light came on in my Kubulu,s case a small brain came on in his light.

  8. happy your here mr wallerman

  9. Also the diminished 4th is still showing a 3rd and a 4th dots on the fretboard???? I thought the diminished 4th which is a 4th that is moved 1 fret lower will replace the 3rd !!

  10. at 21:37 minutes what happened to the 3rd ? you show only 4th and diminished 5th but no 3rd !!!

  11. Thank you David, thank you

  12. This was an awesome lesson!!

  13. What's the difference between a major and a minor note. Like say I minor third or major 6th. I've looked everywhere and can't find the answer

  14. Awesome, Andrew Wasson finally got a wig!

    But in all seriousness, this was an excellent lesson

  15. Thank you so much, very informative and very well explained, well done!

  16. good stuff! I'm 3% better because now I know OF this. now it's just a matter of getting it down.

  17. really good! THANKYOU ! understood all of it, you have taught me a lot about modes, thankyou david

  18. very helpful

  19. you are really good musician 🙂 more power, good luck !

  20. Do you guys even attempt to put this together in a logical way and make not confusing at all. How the fuck do I know what a 13th is and whether not people mean major or minor 7 when they say 7th theory's morons fucking teach this no answers this question

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