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  1. Tried a book, couldn't get it, found this – SO EASY!

  2. Love the American Drag T! This man is a touring professional and is also a GREAT teacher…rare combo.

  3. i like this. i'm going to try it. thanx 4 sharing.

  4. thanks man! its a easy an effective way to learn!

  5. Thank you. But why is this helpful?

  6. Brilliant tutorial

  7. hahaha when he said: "where's the C note on the high E string?" I spontaneously answered "8th fret" out loud like some little kid watching dora hahaha. bet you i'll never forget at least that note.

  8. I gotta agree with you!…so many guys can play awesome..but they can't teach!…those are two different skill sets!..(from a teacher)..Thats why its so hard to find a good online guitar program!

  9. best teacher ever

  10. Great Method as you say simple and effective ! Thanks!

  11. nobodys ever late to learn anything………….be confident…its all about focus and determination

  12. i dig it

  13. It doesn't matter, this method or another you still have to memorize it and practice practice practice.

  14. why are you mad at me?

  15. I think finding these videos is going to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I started learning reading the notes sequentially up the strings but as you suggest it's not the easiest or quickest way to get them in your skull. Thanks for this new method!

  16. Iv been playing for four years and I'm just learning this…….

  17. Well done great method and simple.

  18. I'm like a bull in a china shop, I just smash everything. I think the neck should be twice as big or have half the strings.

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