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Live & Learn ~ Crush 40 (Guitar Cover)

Live & Learn ~ Crush 40 (Guitar Cover):


So, I always meant to cover this song once I got a guitar with a floating bridge, and never got around to it. Here it is!

“Live & Learn” was always my favorite Crush 40 song growing up, although I’ve heard it so much since then that it’s kinda slid out of that position for me in favor of songs like “Into the Wind.” xD

My rhythm playing didn’t turn out quite like I had hoped (I guess I don’t play my Torero often enough to be comfortable with those kinds of riffs on it’s neck!). The guitar solo went surprisingly well — all but that first note. xD I hit the wrong fret and I stalled rather than thinking to just bend up a little farther to get the correct pitch. I managed to hit every note in the “shred” section afterwards, so I kept the take in case I couldn’t do it again, haha.

You might notice I’m starting the solo on the B string rather than the E string like I typically do. The frets are closer together higher up on the B string, and the notes I have to hit for the fast part line up better there, so I find it easier to start the solo in that position.

I wanted to put chord symbols in the corner for this video, but enough parts were throwing me off that I decided not to for the time being. It’s in the key of C# Minor. Some parts are obvious… But others are more riff-based things where it’s hard to pin a chord name on it. For example, the intro is C#m7, Aadd9, E, and then what? The guitar plays G#, G, and F# octaves followed by an E5 chord, while the bass goes up from G#, A, A#, B. Would that be G#m, Am7(??), F#, E? Or would it be better to label that as a general “G# riff”? Then there’s the chorus, which starts on C#m7 going to Aadd9, followed by what seems like E/G# and F# Major, but I’m not really sure how to name them. I’ve seen that in scores before, sometimes riffs are written out with each chord name, other times it’s better to say it’s basically messing around related tones of a single chord… IDK. xD

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this cover! 😀

My equipment:
PRS SE Torero
Rocksmith guitar-to-USB cable
Logic Pro X
Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS6 digital camera
iMovie ’11


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