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Music for Reading Acoustic Guitar

Music for Reading Acoustic Guitar:

PLAYLIST Music For Reading

Kobor Gales – Paradise 00:00
Nic Polimeno – Gabriel’s Oboe (Acoustic Guitar Version) 04:12
Kobor Gales – The Girl of Ipanema 07:13
Nic Polimeno – Deborah’s Theme (From Once Upon a Time in America) 10:11
Kobor Gales – Summertime 13:27
Kobor Gales – Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word 18:47
Nic Polimeno – For a few dollar more (Main theme) 22:27
Kobor Gales – Here Comes the Sun (Acoustic Guitar Version) 24:27
Kobor Gales – Yesterday (Acoustic Guitar Version) 27:14
Nic Polimeno – Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion (Acoustic Guitar Version) 30:19
Kobor Gales – Let It Be (Acoustic Guitar Version) 32:39
Kobor Gales – Don’t Let Me Down (Acoustic Guitar Version) 37:27
Kobor Gales – Take My Breath Away (Lounge and Smooth Jazz Version from “Top Gun”) 40:34
Kobor Gales – She’s Like The Wind (Lounge and Smooth Jazz Version from “Dirty Dancing”) 44:37
Nic Polimeno – The Ecstasy of Gold (From the Good the Bad and the Ugly) 48:23
Kobor Gales – Time After Time 52:14
Kobor Gales – Because You Loved Me 58:07
Nic Polimeno – Once Upon a Time in West (Acoustic Guitar Version) 1:02:44
Kobor Gales – Con il nastro rosa 1:05:18
Kobor Gales – Mille giorni di te e di me 1:10:25

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