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Rocksmith 2014 Edition — How It Works — Learn How To Play Guitar In 60 Days

Rocksmith 2014 Edition -- How It Works -- Learn How To Play Guitar In 60 Days:

Rocksmith 2014 Edition is the fastest way to learn guitar. Join over 1.5 million people who have learned to play guitar with the award-winning Rocksmith method.


  1. can you use any guitar?

  2. Are there any plans to make a new version?

  3. Hi rsl4life, yes it will and does it very well.! The newer 2014 edition is a better program ten fold. Stick with it and be amazed:)

  4. Hi rsl4

  5. Anyone can play a guitar with whatever it takes to show them whatever way they choose, there's no rules on how to learn…haha good one RS

  6. 1:49 A RED PHANT O MATIC?

  7. will this work with electric acoustic? my daughter is interested in learning to play. and she's not interested in playing a full electric. I don't play, so can't help, and shes better at learning things on our own. so this looks like a good option for her.

  8. few questions…..can you use rocksmith and be tuned to a lower tuning like C Standard for example?  and for now I just want to play pantera songs, can I program rocksmith to just teach me pantera songs?  (huge pantera fan)

  9. Wanna learn guitar a fast east way get a book with a CD you learn a lot faster thei've been playing for about 6 years i got the game a week ago and its hard to even learn this way a book you can take your time and practice And take your own time at your own paste This has tabs flying at you and you don't learn cores and how to tune by ear or eazy songs to play the CD with a book will teach you that and it doesn't show you how to read book tabs its a fun game but get a book and CD that comes with it and you will learn guitar and be better at guitar too

  10. From someone who's played guitar for 11 years before touching this game, I have to say, it was pretty hard. I'm used to playing without having to worry about having tabs flying at me or having it say that I failed the song because it doesn't  register properly.

  11. Guys who tell I learn so much hold guitar and play it in such a way which looks hilarious…I don't think one software can teach you in three weeks…You should practice for years ask play any of this guys arpeggios or make a blues improvisation and they will suck!

  12. Does it come with the cable?

  13. I'm eleven years old and I have rocksmith and it's fun challenging and it's helped me a lot in guitar definitely worth the money for it, and yes I bought it myself.

  14. Guitar hero sucks

  15. Total waste of time, the tuner is very inaccurate. You tune and tune again and yep a third time. If you are not in tune you cannot progress very well. They took the $$$, but didn't do the work.

  16. To all the "Nay sayers" out there, don't knock it. I've greatly improved at the bass guitar since I've bought RS. My only complaints are that RS  doesn't show you where you're going wrong and it doesn't teach you things like how to adjust your truss rod or adjust string intonation.

  17. If the songs weren't crappy i would pick it up… use more hit songs and songs people who usually don't even listen to rock can vibe to.. more pop ish type rock. Lincoln park or something lol

  18. Help!  what the fuck model of Epiphone is he playing at 1:45?  never seen it before, had a quick rip on their website and I didn't see it.

  19. This ad is so lame. They make Rocksmith look crap.

  20. I would love to get this game unfortunately it doesn't exist

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