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Bài 9: Hướng dẫn ROMANCE và TREMOLO

Bài 9: Hướng dẫn ROMANCE và TREMOLO: Welcome to Official HaketuGuitar Channel ! Please [Like] my Page for tabs updates and tutorials: Blogs and FREE Tabs: Ukulele Channel: MP3 Soundcloud:

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Swirling(Finished Swirled Ibanez RG350 Guitar)

Swirling(Finished Swirled Ibanez RG350 Guitar): Hey guys a before and after video of this Ibanez RG350 Guitar.It is now completely finished,beautifully Swirled and clear coated to a very high standard.Totally refurbished,frets leveled & polished with the fret board being lightly sanded & conditioned.Everything on this guitar is original except …

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