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Tis the Season @ The Great American teach In Multi-Guitar Jam/Song

Tis the Season @ The Great American teach In Multi-Guitar Jam/Song:

Here’s me at my son’s Elementary School for The Great American Teach In playing/jamming, and hopefully inspiring the room full of kids (who I was not allowed to show in the video) to play guitar. I used a Boss RC-20XL Loop Station, my green PRS Ltd Ed. Semi-Hollow, my custom Taylor 712E (with the Fishman Blender system), and an Ibanez AEB10 all through a Marshall AS-50R acoustic amp except the PRS which was plugged into a Fender Super Sonic amp. There were no effects used at all…I was not even mic’d up…it’s just the amps and room acoustics. This is the middle part…the song/playing…I may post the 1st part (which was an explanation of the various guitars and their sounds, scale lengths, etc.) and the 3rd part (which was a question/answer session) later.

For what it’s worth, I really messed up the last measure of the beginning drum part…but as it was live, and I had already had one “false start”, I rolled with it and tried to make it work. That right there is the biggest lesson or advice I can give as a musician and performer…roll with it…forget about your mistakes and just move on. Sometimes you can turn your mistakes into something cool (that you would not have normally done) and sometimes you just have a train wreck…but don’t stop…keep trying and finish the song or whatever it is you are doing. I will eventually get around to posting some of my original work here and one song in particular, “Lili”, I recorded by doing live lead guitar (me) with a drummer (Timm Biery) and a bass player (Andy Whitaker)…I thought I had blown the lead (which I had never rehearsed on purpose…I wanted it to feel and sound spontaneous), and thought about stopping but kept going…thinking in the back of my head that I would just overdub something, and it wound up being great (in my humble opinion of course)…held notes that I normally would not have held…anyways, always keep going…be “the little train that could”…never give up!

I used Thomastik-Infeld strings on all my instruments. I am now a dealer for them as well as the Mbrace stands (which made using all 3 instruments at once possible). The electric guitar strings go for $9.95 a set, the acoustic guitar set goes for $15.95 a set, and the acoustic bass strings go for $52.95 a set for exactly what I was using here. The Mbrace stands go for $54.99. Shipping is usually $2-3 for strings and $8.00 for the stand via USPS. I’ll be running a special for the stands off this video for $60.00 & the Acousticore Bass strings for $55.00 including shipping via USPS Priority mail service for the US until the end of 2009. These stands (and strings) make an incredible gift for any musician. Any questions, just ask…

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Thanks for watching!

God bless!


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