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Top 10 Greatest Guitar Riffs… Played Backwards!

Top 10 Greatest Guitar Riffs... Played Backwards!:

Today, I will be counting down the top 10 BEST guitar riffs of all time... I will also be playing them backwards???


  1. comfortably numb

  2. you didn't play them backwards you just played them normally then flipped it

  3. 8/10
    damn you 2 and 4!!!!!!

  4. Thunderstruck sounds the same backwards

  5. the Black Dog riff was written by John Paul Jones…

  6. +steveterreberry your new guitar you have to buy tomorrow is a stratocaster

  7. +steveterreberry think of your favorite song. chances are, what do the singers they perform, or possibly memorable Guitar riff/catchy drum beats?

  8. the only reason I guessed Beat it was because I know the riff and watched his hand. Black dog killed me though. I would hav loved to see him try to learn the Sweet Child backwards lol. or maybe something Megadeth that's really crazy like Holy Wars or Poison was the Cure

  9. I have the same GNR poster

  10. The only one I got right was Layla damnit >:l

  11. fuck! just play your gitar!! it's not great pleasure to listen personaly you & your voice!!

  12. do the fade to black acoustic guitar part backwards

  13. is it me or "walk this way" (n 8) played backwards sounded a lot like enter sandman?

  14. Nice video bro, I hope you play ACDC's back in black for part II

  15. Angus Old…

  16. Thunderstruck almost sounds identical backwards.

  17. I miss four riffs…
    1. Sweet Child o' mine
    2. Raining blood
    3. Smells like teen spirit
    4. Satisfaction

  18. do more

  19. Black Dog was actually a riff by John Paul Jones. But yes, Jimmy Page is a riff machine.

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