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Việc thử giọng guitar tốt nhất bao giờ hết – X – Factor / GOT Tale

Việc thử giọng guitar tốt nhất bao giờ hết - X - Factor / GOT Tale :

https : // v = hr9JLBPRRFI & feature = 17 buổi thử giọng tốt nhất với cây đàn guitar theo ý kiến ​​của tôi ? Hy vọng bạn thích nó : ) XXXX X - Factor UK / USA ...


  1. Who's the dude in the orange sweatshirt? Michael something

  2. Daniel muños stole that song from a Band call sin banderas- song name is entra en mi vida… Unless that band did the song in English but anyways if that's the case sorry but if they didn't he can go suck a big one

  3. first guy has a good voice but sucks ass at guitar

  4. For me, James Arthur was the best, because he won and he has a lot of good songs out there.

  5. la 2 cancion existe?

  6. alright alright alright how did Axl Rose become a rockstar and the first guy didn't?

  7. the women judges always cry lol

  8. guys do u know who is the last one ?

  9. the second performance was really good :D

  10. why all these songs so sad here?

  11. The last one was really sick, holy crap, what a voice!

  12. 12:08 that's not a guitar, it's a dobro. There's a difference.

  13. If you dont smile for the guy in the orange sweater…youre like me and have no soul, but still recognize that people should be smiling for the guy in the orange sweater

  14. 6:05 who's that? What song is that?

  15. 2:10 Jesus Christ really loves u amen 'n God Bless:D

  16. Does someone have a understandable tab for Hey ya?? #heyyamiles :)))

  17. I bet the most of u fukers have never picked a guitar up.
    It takes a lot if time,effort and patience to learn a musical instrument.
    If u don't like u music surely u brain dead idiots can appreciate what it actually takes to learn it.

  18. Then you got guitarist Tosin Abasi destroy all of them to the point that all those guitarist are 100% confused at his playing

  19. name of 2nd song?

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