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How To Read Guitar Sheet Music – Guitar Lessons

How To Read Guitar Sheet Music - Guitar Lessons:

FREE Series: Major Scale Masterclass - Learn songs, write music, and play lead guitar - . Learn how to read sheet music on ...


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  4. I'm so confused I understand the lines but how do you know when to play what is there a book or anything that will help me???

  5. Is there any reason to learn sheet music? I don't think so 

  6. How do you know that it's that F and not the F an octave higher or lower? How does the staff indicate that it's F in that specific pitch?

  7. yes generator , upon downloading, popes up another tab, just favorite it/ book mark it., and can pull it up, ty, I'm all new and really wanting to learn to pic, a kind of lead, not wanting to just strum as playing cords, got big problem with f cord and bar cords, so I love being able to pic out a good rhythm and harmony ,2 months starting, fingers really sore, but getting better,changed steel strings to silk on acoustic, helps allot.looking forward to understand what to do, with gen. all new.

  8. Nick Canon in Drumline would tell you otherwise

  9. Learn by ear if you can, you will never need another sheet of paper again

  10. Thanks for this simple lesson. I already learn't how to find notes by memorising by moving note by note up the neck on each string and naming them. With this lesson I can now get an basic idea of where to see those notes on the stave. Thanks!

  11. You should probably get a book at the library that covers the basic information
    about playing the guitar. It will show you where the F,A,C,E notes are on the guitar.
    Once you start to try to learn the notes on the guitar, using flash cards is a good idea.
    Some good flash cards are for sale on Amazon Books. But statt with a simple book about
    learning guitar. Your library should have some good ones.

  12. Learning to read sheet music is also extremely helpful when learning additional instruments since you won't have to learn a different way to read music with a new instrument — you'll already be fluent in reading music from your first instrument.

  13. Now, I'm never going to say tabs are bad. I use them myself. If all you want to do is play some lead songs already written or maybe just have fun with your friends trying to harmonize something together, then tabs are really going to be all you need. However, if you want to get any kind of serious with your music, it's a really good idea to learn how to read and write in its common language, because even if you're not writing in sheet music, someone else may and expect you to know it.

  14. For instance, if you're a composer in a band, it's helpful to have a common musical language between your lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, bass guitarist, keyboardist and drummer. Sometimes you may want a violin or wind instruments in the mix too. That's a lot of different instruments that you'd need to know how to write music for if you want to compose a piece. Sheet music brings it all together into one language that is (or at least should be) universally understood.

  15. This is a comment for you and others who aren't sure how this fits into their guitar playing. To address your primary question, the music will be in a certain key (do a search for key signatures). This gives you an indication of which frets you're going to be playing at. Sheet music is in the realm of music theory and not straight tabs — it is independent of the instrument you're playing. It's near necessary to learn sheet music if you plan on being a serious musician.

  16. this confuses me do you play the spaces? do you just strum without holding a chord?

  17. So which of the 6 strings should you play the F note, baring in mind there are also 6 F notes on a guitar fingerboard up to the 12th fret alone, you would have to go through a process of elimination to find the exact note, anyone who has played long enough will tell you, they may be named the same, but at the same time they sound different….If you are only starting out and are interested in reading anything musical, learn to read tablature

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